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Centralized Data Intake, Case Management, and Tracking and Reporting Systems For All Your Programs and Funding Sources !



What We Do

The CAP60 system provides a program that is fully-customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of each agency upon signing. We carefully evaluate agencies and programs on a case by case basis, insuring complete conformity to internal protocols and regulations, in addition to meeting all business needs. Our web-based system is designed to exceed federal, state and local standards.
CAP60 is currently utilized in 32 states nationwide as Agency, City, County, and State wide programs covering: Early Childhood Programs, Head Start, community Action Programs, Energy Assistance, Foster Care, Housing, Nutrition, and many other programs CAP60 is a provider of state of the art Client Datea Management Systems, specially designed for non-profit organizations with Outcome Monitoring Requirements.  


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Project Bravo 
CAP60, the premier Community Action Agency Data Management System solution provider, announced today it has been awarded a contract from Project BRAVO, Inc., located in El Paso, Texas., Project BRAVO is one of the largest Community Action Programs in the State of Texas, serves over 30,000 low-income residents in the county of El Paso, and has an annual budget of over $10 million dollars..buttons

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