North Dakota Selects CAP60 for Data Management Needs

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North Dakota has chosen CAP60 as their state-mandated, data management solution for all Community Action Agencies in the state. The decision was made after an intensive review of numerous case management software solutions which revealed that the CAP60 system was easiest to use and customize.

Andrea Olson, Executive Director of the Community Action Partnership of North Dakota feels that CAP60 best understood the needs and operations of a non-profit agency. “CAP60 stood out to us because of the variety of features available, the ease of data entry, and software aesthetics. It didn’t hurt that we received positive recommendations from other agencies whose opinion we value very much. Knowing that CAP60 customer base is exclusive to CAA’s was also very appealing.” Andrea Olson

The state of North Dakota has seven CAP agencies which provide nearly 60,000 services to more than 11,000 clients. With a comprehensive system in place, North Dakota agencies can record all community service efforts and referrals; volunteer information and transactions; and staff and board training events to assist with compliance and leveraging of funding.

North Dakota is the one of four states that has recently chosen CAP60 as their state-mandated data management provider. Company President, Hamid Kohan lauded the company’s experience saying, “For 15 years, we’ve been listening, then responding to the organizations’ needs. We think that has paid off in CAP60 offering the best data management tools in the country.

About CAP60:

CAP60 is a provider of comprehensive Agency and Program Management tools that are designed for use by Community Action Programs, Domestic Violence & Shelters, and other, as well as other Health and Human Services organizations. CAP60 provides services to Agencies in over 35 States nationwide, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada. CAP60’s customized applications are designed to meet the data collection, tracking, and reporting needs of all aspects of an agency. For more information please visit , email, or call 917-668-9174.