CAP60 Selected by The State of Wyoming for Data Management Needs

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The State of Wyoming did not have a statewide CSBG database where each grantee/sub-grantee could input their data which would then allow the state to pull the required data for reporting. Things were further complicated for them when attempting to manually aggregate the reports due to the inconsistency on how agencies were defining services as well as how they kept their data. These issues prompted the state office to look for a centralized solution.

Regina Dodson, the Community Services Program Manager at the Wyoming Department of Health, first heard about CAP60 at a NASCSP conference in October of 2016. She had only been on the job for several weeks, but she realized they would benefit greatly from a centralized database.

“What set CAP60 apart from the other systems was their training and ongoing support, as well as the fact that they automatically update the system with any changes OCS/NASCP make.”
Regina Dodson, Wyoming Department of Health Community Services Program Manager

With a statewide system in place they will be able to use the system to desk monitor grantees and sub-grantees, which includes looking at financial information. They will also be able to pull up the quarterly reports they need for state reporting as well their annual report for OCS. With ROMA built in they will be able to monitor where agencies are meeting their projected outcomes, analyze their data, and determine if T/TA may be needed.

The state of Wyoming has three CAP agencies and twelve CSBG eligible entities which provide services to more than 30,000 clients. With a comprehensive system in place, Wyoming agencies can record all community service efforts and referrals; volunteer information and transactions; and staff and board training events to assist with compliance and leveraging of funding.

Wyoming is one of five states that have chosen CAP60 as their state-wide data management provider. Company President, Hamid Kohan, praised the company’s success saying, “Accountability and transparency are very important to funders, and so the need for a centralized data management system is becoming more apparent to agencies. This is leading agencies, associations, and even state offices to look for a quality, comprehensive, centralized database; like CAP60.”

About CAP60:

CAP60 is a provider of comprehensive Agency and Program Management tools that are designed for use by Community Action Programs, Domestic Violence & Shelters, and other, as well as other Health and Human Services organizations. CAP60 provides services to Agencies in over 35 States nationwide, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada. CAP60’s customized applications are designed to meet the data collection, tracking, and reporting needs of all aspects of an agency. For more information please visit , email, or call 917-668-9174.