6 Tools Agencies use to Increase Productivity

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Community Action Agencies have their hands full providing a wide array of services to the many clients that they serve. Any tool that can help to make their jobs easier, faster, increase accuracy, or aid in the reporting of data to funding sources, is a welcome addition.

The following six tools have proven to do all of these things for Community Action Agencies across the country.

  1. ID Card Scanner – If you could eliminate typos for names, addresses and other types of client information…and do it in a split second, you’d want to know more about that right? Welcome to the ID card scanner.

With one swipe of a state ID card, numerous required fields for intake documents are filled in automatically.

Practically, what does that mean? Names are getting more varied, as well as their spellings. This scanner eliminates this whole painful process. No need to spell out street names…they will fill in automatically. It also saves time by eliminating the slow process of entering each field one by one. The ID Card Scanner saves money and increases accuracy. A winner for agencies!

  1. Electronic Signature – Is your agency looking to Go Green? Then the electronic signature pad is the perfect tool for you. Rather than printing out all the pages that you need to have a client sign, you can install your signature pad and have the client provide their signature on the pad. The device transfers the signature to the form automatically. You’ll reduce time, paper and paper expense.

You can even use the signature pad in the field with the help of a tablet computer. Convenience and savings…a winning combination.

  1. Auto Dialer & Texter

Have a big community event coming up and want to announce it to your clients? Group texting and phone calls are a perfect, and inexpensive way to do so. Craft your message, enter it in the system, choose the people you want to send your message to, and voila! your event is front and center before your clients.

There are plenty of other uses too: holiday greetings, office closings, thank you’s, last minute food drives, and many more.

You can record your own message, or use the text-to-voice feature. You can also customize your lists as well. Send an exclusive message to your volunteers, your donors, staff members, clients and more. If you can create the list within the system, you can send custom texts or phone messages specifically  to those groups.

  1. Barcode Scanner – The barcode scanner makes inventory and attendance tracking a breeze. Food banks and pantries, anyone who distributes food, find this very helpful. Agencies that offer weatherization products and services can easily track inventory for their products with the scanner. Many agencies use the Barcode scanner for tracking attendance as well.
  1. Mailing Wizard – The mailing wizard makes creating lists and generating mailing labels a breeze. You can write customized letters and build templates too. It’s a one-stop shop for communicating with your clients via USPS.

Many mailing applications are applicable to both postal mail and e-mail which saves having to have two programs.

  1. Custom Survey – It’s imperative that you know what your various audiences think about your agency.

A survey is a great way to find that out. You can survey employees, clients, donors, and anyone else who’s in your database.

Create your own custom surveys with three quick questions, or go into more detail and ask ten. It’s up to you.

Sometimes the key to unlocking your agency’s potential is applying the right tool.

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