CAP60 RIDE: The 3-in-1 Transportation Data Management & Scheduling System

Perfect for agencies offering NEMT, Paratransit and Fixed Route services


CAP60 Ride is the newest addition to CAP60’s existing suite of program management tools. CAP60 Ride provides a comprehensive transportation solution, integrating automated dispatching software to schedule rides, manage fleets, and operate Fixed Routes; driver module to provide real-time directions, fare collection, and track incident and maintenance; and, client phone app to book rides and review ride status.



  • Order & Manage RIDES
  • See the location of the vehicle on their phone – Fewer Calls to Dispatch!
  • ETA’s per vehicle
  • “5-minute away” notices – Cuts Driver wait time



  • Real-time, Interactive map
  • Real-time manifest
  • Customized Reports
  • Optimized schedules & routes



  • Real time directions
  • Choose Map or turn-by-turn directions
  • Easy to view and use
  • Fares automatically calculated



  • Fleet Maintenance Module
  • Incidents Module
  • HR Module
  • Fixed Route and Fares set-up