Youth Programs

Track and Report with Confidence

Youth and After School programs are a critical component to many Community Action Agencies. CAP60  address many areas of youth programs and after school programs— at-risk behavior, medical or educational needs, mentoring, scholarships, job readiness programs, and more — we offer a highly customizable client and case management platform that can be tailored to fit your organization’s specific needs. This allows us to deliver solutions that more closely align with your systems and processes.


  • Attendance & Meal Counts
  • Youth and Family Information
  • Customizable Demographic
  • Service Details & Summaries
  • Birthday Reports
  • Assessments & Survey Results
  • Enrollment and Eligibility Points
  • Incident Reports
  • Emergency Contacts


  • Take Group Attendance
  • Centralize Data Across Multiple Sites
  • Keep Families Informed and Engaged with Outreach Tools
  • Maintain Inventory of Consumable Food Items
  • Track Usage and Replacement Needs of Toys, Technology and More