The best CSBG Data Solution in the U.S

Maximize agency-wide efficiency

CAP60 has designed a comprehensive and integrated data management system that’s defined by ease of use and maximum agency-wide efficiency. From LIHEAP to Employment Assistance, our web-based system provides families the opportunity to participate in the multiple programs offered by various local and state Community Action Programs.

With CAP60 you will have the ability to integrate and map all agency programs to ROMA Next Gen goals track outcomes for all programs. We also create unduplicated client reports and agency-wide demographic reports.


Case Management

  • Case Counts & Trends
  • Client Listing Details
  • Case Load Details
  • Follow-up and Referrals

Service Analytics

  • Service Details
  • Service Counts
  • Service Averages & Totals
  • Service Time & Costs

Compliance Reports

  • ROMA Next Gen
  • Organizational Performance Standard Tracking
  • Crisis to Thriving Scale Assessment Outcomes
  • Board Minutes & Meetings

Agency-wide Efficiency

  • Auditable Demographic Reports
  • Community Needs Assessments
  • Volunteer Analytics
  • Outreach Project Outcomes


  • Centralized Intake
  • Unduplicated Client Count
  • Automated Eligibility Calculator
  • Updated & Flexible Poverty Guidelines
  • USPS Address Verification
  • Automated Referrals
  • Streamlined Program Workflows
  • Unlimited Document Upload
  • Internal Appointment Calendar