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CAP60 is the leading data management firm in the country for several reasons. One of the primary ones is the magnitude of programs offered. No matter your agencies’ client services, CAP60 has a module to help record and report your data.

We understand that non-profit agencies need to be able to track, edit, and report on a wide array of information. You are responsible for answering to your board, auditors, and funding sources. It is imperative that the data reported is accurate.

You can trust CAP60 data.”  Alison Rumler-Gomez  (Executive Director, Community Action Program, Central Illinois)

CAP60 rejects the cookie-cutter approach that other firms use. Our system is customizable from intake to reporting. We can track information across multiple services, programs, centers, and agencies as well as extract, organize and report that information based on your agency’s needs.

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