Client Kiosk (Client Portal)

Let your Clients enter their information and apply for programs and services

Saves time and money!

Clients can access and enter their own information in your lobby or remotely. They can log in, edit their information, and check eligibility without the need for a Case Worker.
Based on the information they provide, CAP60’s Client Kiosk automatically lists all the programs they are eligible for, as well as the documents they would need to submit in order to enroll in the programs. Clients can even upload the required documents through the Kiosk. All information entered into the Client Kiosk is automatically available for review in your CAP60 database.

Currently CAP60 agencies using the Client Kiosk see significant time savings when making the switch from manual intake to the Kiosk. This gives your intake staff more time to interact with clients, finish paperwork, or provide other services around the agency. As technology continues to advance and become more accessible to all, we anticipate the client’s use of the Client Kiosk to increase year after year.


Dig into what makes the CAP60 Solution unique and useful!

Multi-Lingual Intake

Clients can select from 104 different languages.

Program Eligibility

Clients can see all programs they may be eligible for.

Document Upload

Clients can see a list of all the required documents for their selected programs and will be able to electronically upload them to their application.

Review Application Status

Clients can see the status of their applications.

Service History

Clients can view a history of the services they have received.

Secure Custom Survey

Clients can be prompted to take surveys through the kiosk.

Web-Based Access

Clients can access the kiosk from any internet connection.

Syncs to Database

Client applications sync to your CAP60 database.