Integrated Head Start Data Management

We handle the data management so you can concentrate on teaching


The CAP60 Head Start module is a CSBG-integrated data management system that tracks all facets of child assessment, development and education. Track family data and take advantage of our Class observation (from Brooks Publishing) tracking and reporting.

CAP60 is the most technologically-advanced system for Process Automation, Data Collection and Agency Reporting; designed precisely to manage delegate agencies, school districts, programs and grantees.

Drawings supplied by the talented students of the Northeast Kansas Community Action Program


  • PIR
  • Head Start Performance Standards
  • Attendance Details and Summary Reports
  • Child Information and Assessments
  • Customizable Demographic Reports
  • Developmental Assessment Results
  • Disability Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Eligibility and EPC Details
  • Enrollment Details and Wait Lists
  • Family PIR
  • Family Details, Referrals, Visits, and Assessments
  • Health History, Monitoring and Due Dates
  • Immunization Status Monitoring
  • Staff Credentials & Training
  • Meal Counts
  • USDA Summary and Status Reports

Head Start Modules & Features



  • Accident Report
  • Developmental Assessments
  • Disability (Evaluation and IEP) Tracking
  • Eligibility & EPC Point Calculation
  • Streamlined ERSEA Enrollment Processes
  • Growth Assessments
  • Health Screening & Due Date Reminders
  • Meal Tracking
  • Attendance & Classroom Behavior
  • Monitoring
  • Immunizations & Reminders



  • Family Information & PIR Collection
  • Family Goals and Partnerships
  • Referrals and Services
  • Home Visits & Family Observation
  • Family Partnership Assessment
  • Water Testing
  • Prenatal Care



  • Home Based Attendance
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Child and Family Member Meal Count
  • Classroom Observations
  • Teacher Observation by Brooks Publishing