Housing Assistance

Versatile Housing Program Software


Versatile Housing Program Software

CAP60 manages all aspects of Housing Assistance programs, from one-on-one to group housing counseling, client education classes and sessions, and temporary and rapid re- housing accompanied by comprehensive reporting features.
CAP60 maintains a connection to HUD database to allow for a secure, compliant transfer of 9902 forms and reports from CAP60.


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Building information intake

Real-time tracking of client activities, including face-to-face counseling or group counseling

Customized forms in compliance with HUD 9902 of funding

Expense and budget forms available to assist with housing planning

Service tracking for payments, deposits, and placement

Comprehensive case, client and service reports to show client progress over time and housing self-sufficiency

HUD 9902 forms and reports with ability to securely transfer for HUD database

Document & assessment tracking