Housing Assistance

Versatile Housing Program Module

CAP60 manages all aspects of Housing Assistance programs, from one-on-one to group counseling;  client education classes and sessions;  through comprehensive reporting features. CAP60 maintains a connection to HUD database to allow for secure, compliant transfer of 9902 forms and reports from CAP60 to HUD.


  • Building information intake
  • Real-time tracking of client activities, including face-to-face counseling or group counseling
  • Customized forms in compliance with HUD 9902 of funding
  • Expense and budget forms available to assist with housing planning
  • Service tracking for payments, deposits, and placement
  • Comprehensive case, client and service reports to show client progress over time and housing self-sufficiency
  • HUD 9902 forms and reports with ability to securely transfer for HUD database
  • Document & assessment tracking