Victim Services Solution

Secure and Customizable Victim Services Program Management

CAP60 offers fully customizable and secure web-based Victim Services program software. We understand that agencies take great care to protect the confidentiality and security of their clients. As your software provider, CAP60 provides a VAWA compliant system which entails tight security features, such as: Encrypting data during transfer and storage; Access Controls to protect client information and limit access to it to only those who need it; and a Program Sensitivity setting for further information protection, limiting the ability to see a program, its participants and their information to only those you have given permission to.

CAP60 offers a centralized intake process providing you with an unduplicated client count while still giving you the ability to enter clients into the system anonymously. We can help to streamline your case management with built in, customizable, surveys and assessments as well as volunteer and referral tracking. CAP60 can also help simplify your reporting with our advanced reporting module.


Victim Services

  • Protection Order Tracking
  • Offender Tracking and Rehab


  • Privacy Protection Controls
  • HIPAA and VAWA Compliant

Shelter Tracking

  • Eligibility and Occupancy
  • Inventory Management

Outreach Management

  • Customizable Assessments and Surveys
  • Community Outreach Management

Referrals Management

  • Internal & External Referral Tracking
  • Automated

Case Management

  • E-document Management
  • Customizable Program Workflows

Hotline Intake

  • Customizable Intake Form
  • Anonymous or Tied to Client

Volunteer Tracking

  • Track Volunteer Trainings and Certificates
  • Report on Donated Hours and Amounts


  • Quarterly & Annual VOCA Report
  • VAWA – STOP Report
  • Customizable Demographics
  • Offender & Victim Linking
  • Service Details and Summary Reports
  • Volunteer Analytics
  • Hotline/Crisis Line Calls
  • Safety Assessment Progress
  • Follow-up and Referral Reports
  • Case Load Detail Reports
  • Inventory Management
  • Outreach Activity Achievements



  • Family Relationship Linking
  • Multi-Shelter and Program Tracking
  • Non-Residential Client Intake
  • Allows Your Agency to Keep All Your Details in One Centralized System




  • Case Notes
  • Goals/Outcomes
  • Self-Sufficiency Assessment
  • Incident Report
  • Advocacy Records
  • Sexual Assault Records
  • Batterer Program Records
  • Protection Order Tracking
  • Departure